Demo Day!

May 4th, 4 - 5:30 PM

What a story! Pandemic shuts down the world and we (teachers) are asked to hold down the fort! What an amazing time to be alive! But worry not, we have you covered. 

Please join us this May 4th to learn about strategies that work in two opposite settings. We have RenArts an Arts Chater School in LA using cutting-edge pedagogy in an urban environment and the GREAT Academy a comprehensive fringe rural CTE/AME Arts school. 

Come learn how these two schools, though vastly different, center collaboration at the heart of all they do. RSVP and we will mail you a swag goodie bag with a cinch bag (a good one), water bottle, pen, folder, USB drive, and mask. FREE if you RSVP. Don’t wait, offer good only for the first fifty (50) who apply. See you there!

The great artist is the simplifier.

Vincent Van Gogh