Ready for one of the more fun classes you can have in High School???

If you're looking for a place to learn to sing, make new friends, go on trips, and even have fun too, then choir is the place for you!!! At GHHS we offer FOUR different choirs to start your High School musical experience.

SERENADE ENSEMBLE – This is a beginning/intermediate level group that is open to ALL ladies with NO AUDITION. Whether it’s just for fun or to become a future diva, Serenade is the perfect group to learn to sing & to sharpen your skills!

BRAVO MEN’S CHORUS – Choir is not just for women!!! What do male singers from rock, R&B, pop, & other styles have in common? Aside from making millions of dollars, many were in High School choir. Any and EVERY guy is welcome in this group, with NO AUDITION. Come find out that it’s possible to sing and still be manly in this beginning/ intermediate level group of all guys.

ENCORE! – One of the most fun choirs in town. This is an auditioned, advanced, elite show-choir that is open to people that love to sing and dance. Encore! is a group for people who mean business. If you want to be one of the premiere performers high desert contact Mr. Churchill from the form below & let him know what you think.

CHAMBER SINGERS – This is the top choir at Granite Hills. This is an auditioned, elite group that consists of mature men & women. The Chamber Singers are simply THE choir to be in if you want to be the best in the high desert. If you want to be one part of the award winning tradition at GHHS contact Mr. Churchill from the form below to find out about auditioning.

Now YOU can be a part of our award-winning tradition!!!

If you would like the opportunity to be a part of our choir family, here’s what you can do…


Live auditions consist of singing a verse and a chorus of a song with an instrumental track (about one minute) and singing back patterns that Mr. Churchill plays on a piano. THE AUDITIONS WILL BE TAKING PLACE BETWEEN APRIL 18TH – APRIL 28TH.

If you do not want to audition, no problem! Our Serenade and Bravo choirs are always looking for more people to have fun making music with. Just tell your counselor that you’d like to be in one of these groups and we’ll welcome you with open arms!

If you’re ready to take it to the next level and be a member of our advanced groups (but cannot make it to the GHHS campus), here’s how you make it happen, send us videos. 😄
Here are the specific videos we would need to get from you…

—Send a video of you singing along with 4 vocal exercises played on a piano. One is to see how high you can sing. Another is to see how low you can sing. The third is seeing if you can find a note in the middle of a harmony. The fourth is seeing if you can sing harmonies. Everything will be explained in the recording you will find in the LINK below. You would play them on one device (like a computer) and record yourself singing with them with another device (probably a phone).
—Send a video of yourself singing about 30 seconds-1 minute of a song of your choice (or a verse and chorus). Make it a song that shows off your voice and that you feel good about. While we can accept a cappella recordings, it would be even better if you can record yourself singing a song along with an instrumental that you can find on YouTube or a similar site playing from a different computer/device
—(only for students wanting to be in our Encore! show choir) Send a video of you dancing along with the video you can find in the LINK below.

Once you record the videos, come back to this page and click the BUTTON below. It will take you to an application form that you can fill out and submit the videos from (it will be even easier to click that button from the phone/device you recorded your videos from). After you fill-out and submit, you’re done!
We’re asking you to submit the application/videos as soon as you can, but definitely by MAY 14th. If you need to ask for an extension or have a question, contact Mr. Churchill at the email from the bottom of this page.

Click on the LINK below to access the videos that you can use along with your audition.

Click on the BUTTON below to fill out our application and to submit your videos.

We are SO excited to have the opportunity to see all of the wonderful new (and returning) students that want to make amazing music with us!!!


Have More Questions About the Choirs at Granite Hills (or having trouble getting audition materials)?

Please feel free to contact our GHHS Choral Director, Shane Churchill…he’s got the answers!

Office Number

Office Number

ext. 73411

School Address

School Address

Rogers/Evans PAC
22900 Esaws Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307

Office Hours M-F

Office Hours M-F

12:56 pm – 1:54 pm

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