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Updated: 3/13/24

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* = all performances will be in our GHHS Rogers/Evans Performing Arts Center
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arts programs
for every student

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen by the state of California to become an AME Industry Sector Model Demonstration Sites for the California Department of Education. Model demo programs serve as examples of exemplary Career Technical Education (school-to-career) programs and as resources for California secondary schools wishing to develop an AME Industry Sector CTE program – Demo Day. We hope you find the following helpful and hope to hear or see you soon. – The GREAT team

Technical Education
prepares students to join the Entertainment Industry.

Our students learn skills for jobs in a multi-billion dollar industry. The skills they acquire will help them in any field they choose to go into.

Audio Recording

We must use industry-standard equipment. Some of the software we use are: Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Creative Suite, Native Instruments Machine Studio and more. These are industry standard software you will receive training on with the option to attain certification.

Video recording

We have 4k professional cameras. Come join us and work with local business partners to hone your marketing skills. Make videos with friends. Make music videos with local bands. Film drama, choir, band, dance and so much more.

are our cornerstones.

We believe that our best work arises when we are working together. To find harmony within our disciplines and with others. Our programs work collaboratively on projects throughout the year. We work with other programs on campus and in our community.

What are you interested in?
We want to hear from you!

Being a comprehensive high school, we offer sports, CTE pathways,
AVID, AP, Honors and a host of other programs that will allow you
to flourish no matter your interest.

GREAT believes in the power
of the arts to transform lives.
Come join our crew and
watch yourself bloom!

Our kids work long hours after school rehearsing, practicing, building, drawing,
collaborating, editing, writing music and, most importantly, studying. We enjoy
our time together but we are serious about our craft. Our kids learn career soft
skills that make them valuable to industry or college.

Comprehensive High School

We are a comprehensive high school that has all the offerings of a traditional high school. In addition, we have several pathways. We offer AVID, AP and Honors classes

Full Professional recording studio

Want to make an album? Form a band? Make beats? Write lyrics? We offer access to Pro Tool, microphones and audio interfaces to record music.

4k Video recording

We have professional 4k cameras. Would you like to film a short film? Film a music video? Film community and sporting events? Do you like to edit film? Learn about marketing?


Do you like to move? Do you like to choreograph? Would you like to be on a dance team? We have a new dance studio.

Technical Theater

Do you like makeup? Do you like to make clothing? Do you like to build and paint sets? Do you like to work on lights and sound? Our technical theater class offers an opportunity to work on fun projects with your friends. We have a performing arts theater in which you can learn the skills to work backstage.

Instrumental Music

What instrument do you like? We offer a full range of instrumental music courses that will allow you to develop your music interest. From beat making, electric guitar, orchestra, jazz and more. We have something for all young musicians. With our recording studio, we encourage students to write their own music.


Do you like to sing? Want to learn? Our award-winning choir program is one of the top choirs in our region and regularly are invited to perform in local venues and with visiting talent. We have show choir as well as traditional a cappella choirs.

Visual Art

We have three full-time art teachers. Whatever your medium, we can help you refine your skill and expand your portfolio.

Want to know more?

If you like what you see and have read, then please contact us.
We are open to all students in the High Desert.
Who knows where you’ll end up…

GHHS choir students in New York, at Carnegie Hall, 2015